Dispelair® Antifoams for Metalworking Fluids

The Dispelair® CF product line manufactured by Blackburn Chemicals Ltd., is specifically designed for use in metalworking fluids. These products allow for use in a range of water miscible fluids giving the formulator excellent foam control and good compatibility with the oil. 

We offer eight Dispelair® CF chemicals to meet your specific formulating needs! 

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Causes of Foam in Metalworking Fluids

Foam in metalworking fluids has two primary causes, system design factors and the additives that make up the formula. Examples of these causes are:

  • System Design Factors
    • Small sump pumps
      • Insufficient capacity to allow foam to break quickly enough
    • High application pressures
  • Formula Additives
    • Ethoxylated surfactants
    • Fatty acid amides
    • Amine neutralized carboxylates
    • Petroleum sulphonates
    • Other surfactants