Lockhart Additives for Metal Protection and Metalworking Products

With Lockhart’s extensive line of calcium, barium and sodium sulfonates; rust preventives and gelled calcium sulfonates, these additives can help improve your formula in the metalworking, lubricant, grease, coating and oilfield markets.  Their product line consists of:

Emulsifier Packages

  • EZ Mulz™ - for use in Naphthenic or Paraffinic Oils

Gelled Calcium Sulfonates

  • Sulfogel™ - for long-term permanent coatings and calcium greases

Metalworking Additives

  • Coolsurf™ - Alkanolamides
  • Lubristay™ - Lubricity Additives


  • Counter Rust™ - Oxidates, Esters and Soaps

Rust Preventives

  • Counter Rust™
    • Calcium/Barium Sulfonate Based Water Displacing
    • Water Emulsifiable
    • Water Based Corrosion Inhibitors


  • Counter Rust™ - Calcium and Barium Sulfonates

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