Lockhart Chemical Company

Since 1982, Lockhart has manufactured additives which provide superior protection solutions for formulators of functional fluids and coatings. Lockhart technologies include wax and petrolatum oxidates and their esters and soaps, sodium, calcium and barium sulfonates, rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors, gelled calcium sulfonates and metalworking processing additives.

Lockhart offers technical service and comparative testing for rust prevention and emulsification. In addition to their own product line, they provide manufacturing under tolling aggreements with several companies marketing to underbody coatings, metalworking additives, paints and coatings, hydraulic fluids and lubricants.

Emulsifier Packages

  • EZ Mulz™ - for use in Naphthenic or Paraffinic Oils

Gelled Calcium Sulfonates

  • Sulfogel™ - for long-term permanent coatings and calcium greases

Metalworking Additives

  • Coolsurf™ - Alkanolamides
  • Lubristay™ - Lubricity Additives


  • Counter Rust™ - Oxidates, Esters and Soaps

Rust Preventives

  • Counter Rust™
    • Calcium/Barium Sulfonate Based Water Displacing
    • Water Emulsifiable
    • Water Based Corrosion Inhibitors


  • Counter Rust™ - Calcium and Barium Sulfonates

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